Passover Humor: A song parody

Sung to the tune of Pinball Wizard – in honor of my wife

Ever since I was a young boy    I ate those matzah balls

From Rochester down to Brighton    I must have ate them all

But I ain’t seen nothing like this       In any dining hall

That Chef mum sure did               Sure makes a mean matza ball!

She stands like a statue,  while adding in the greens

Feeding all the plumpers    Always while she cleans

She cooks by intuition,  Tests every matzah ball

That Chef mum sure did        Sure makes a mean matza ball

She’s a matzah ball wizard      There has got to be a twist

A matzah ball wizard,       S’got such a supple wrist

How do you think she does it?     I don’t know!

What makes her so good?

She’s only got distractions  and hears her children yell

her pans they are a flashin’     the soup begins to smell

Always is a delay       Ignores the clock on wall

That Chef mum sure did       Sure makes a mean matza ball

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