Honors and Awards

Joy Mask presented to David by the Korean Broadcasting System for his contribution to their documentary on humor and stress. Dr Lee S. Berk  also participated in this documentary. See video page for an excerpt of this video.

Selected from thousands of nominations nationwide.

National Hero Overcoming Arthritis Award

The CONQUISTADOR TROPHY is the PBAA’s most prestigious symbol and is presented to a select few. 
David received not one, but Two El Conquistador  Trophy’s.  The first he received (on the left) after getting a silver medal in the 115 mile version of the El Tour. This was the Jim Elliot Award, presented to an individual whom society often considers to be unable to participate in an event such as El Tour. This award acknowledges the courage, discipline and determination of the recipient.  The second (on the right) he received was the “Most Unique Bicycle” trophy for completing the 50 mile version of the El Tour on his unicycle. 

For more information about the PBAA go to www.perimeterbicycling.com

In appreciation for your participation in the EPA’s National Disability Awareness Month

Environmental Protection Agency’s Crystal Award for David’s presentation during  the EPA’s National Disability Awareness Month

Arthritis Foundation’s “Lifetime Achievement”  Award

FlashNet’s President’s Award

Wayne Washburn Memorial Award

Certificate of Recognition for contributions to the Kino Hospital Department of Psychiatry

The Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor

Certificate of Appreciation for presentations at AATH annual conferences

Certificate of Appreciation for services rendered to the National Association of Social Workers: Arizona Chapter

Certificate of Appreciation for volunteering as a counselor at a camp for children with arthritis

Letter of Appreciation