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David M Jacobson, LCSW, CHP

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I help people change the way they think so they can change the way they feel through the use of therapeutic humor.

Inspirational Keynote Speaker in Health Care using humor to enhance leadership, team building and health.

Role Modeling Leadership, Overcoming Adversity & Empowering others THROUGH THE USE OF THERAPEUTIC HUMOR

“Your Presentation received the highest ratings!”
Valley Pediatric Conference

“Thank you for an excellent and informative presentation!”
State of Nevada: Health Division

“Your remarks as one of our Heroes had a profound effect on all…”
Arthritis Foundation National Meeting

“Thank you again for making this one of the best
training days for the Dept. of Rehabilitation”
California State Dept. of Rehabilitation – Training Day

Thriving while living with chronic pain.

David’s Story

From Athlete 

to Disabled

 To Athlete again!

You’ll want to hear his remarkable, inspirational story!

Although he needed a cane to walk, 
he rode his unicycle 50 miles to raise funds for children with arthritis!

David has the highest rating on Gigmasters, 5 Stars!

7 1/2 Habits ebook link on Amazon

Writer’s Digest Judge’s Commentary

When I saw the title, 7 ½ HABITS TO HELP YOU BECOME MORE HUMOROUS, HAPPIER, AND HEALTHIER, I had to read it right away. What is the ½ habit? Mastering your thoughts.  The author admits this one is hard. I agree, but I also know how important it is. You’re always in a better spirit of mind when you are thinking positive thoughts. This author clearly is a sincere person striving to make his readers’ lives better. He succeeds, in part by revealing that his life has had its share of struggles, including arthritis that presented itself when he was young. Overall, the author comes to readers with an excellent background, and his book delivers. I genuinely appreciated the author’s sense of humor. He has mastered the art of funny without hammering an opinion into readers, and this is not mean. I laughed at the photo of what he thinks he looks like and what he looks like. Can’t everyone over 30 relate! A great book that was a joy to read.

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